National Curriculum Readiness Project


This page offers Math’s, English & Science resources developed within the NDTSA as part of the Curriculum Readiness Project. There is also an approach to incorporating MFL into the curriculum and a link to a website containing MFL resources at the bottom of the page.

Math’s Resources          


Math’s Stepping Stones – Year 1

Maths 1











Math’s Stepping Stones – Year 2

Maths 2











Math’s Stepping Stones – Year 3

Maths 3











Math’s Stepping Stones – Year 4

Maths 4











Math’s Stepping Stones – Year 5

Maths 5











Math’s Stepping Stones – Year 6

Maths 6











English Resources – Bookmarks

Year 1 English Bookmark

Year 1 Bookmark









Year 2 English Bookmark

Year 2 Bookmark









Year 3 English Bookmark

Year 3 Bookmark









Year 4 English Bookmark

Year 4 Bookmark









Year 5 English Bookmark

Year 5 Bookmark









Year 6 English Bookmark

Year 6 Bookmark










Modern Foreign Languages in the Primary Curriculum

One of the ways in which we develop the knowledge of the foreign language in the Primary setting is we record an audio file of the children involved in a dialogue / role play situation as appropriate as a form of summative assessment.

Our MFL SLE has noticed a clear difference in the transitioned Year 7 children in the speed of language development between children who have received consistent languages teaching at KS2 and those who haven’t.

John Townsend our MFL SLE has set up a website with some MFL teaching resources. You can access this by clicking here


There is a selection of Science Teaching Resources that can be downloaded here:

Forces – Air Resistance Yrs 4, 5 & 6

Forces – Pushes & Pulls KS1 

Living Things – Atrus Root Experiment 

Living Things – Parts of a Flower Recording Sheet

Living Things – Science Explanation Cutting Roots

Living Things – Science Explanation Roots Experiment

Living Things – Science Explanation Water

Materials – Demonstration

Materials – Images of Changing States