Paediatric First Aid – Two Days – CANCELLATION

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Date(s) - 18/02/2019 - 19/02/2019
All Day

NDTSA - Woolacombe National Support & Teaching School



Day One

Definition of First Aid, The aims of First Aid, The First Aid box, Writing reports, Responsibilities of the first aider, Explanation of LIONEL, Techniques of TRIAGE, Casualty communication (Parents and children), Primary assessment

• Danger

• Response

• Airway

• Breathing

• Circulation

Secondary assessment, How to make a diagnosis, Performing a top to toe survey, The recovery position – how and why?, Action for vomiting, Turning a casualty, Disorders of respiration and airway obstruction, Choking

• The conscious child

• The unconscious child

• The conscious baby

• The unconscious baby

Asthma, Hyperventilation, Breath holding attacks, Croup, Gas and smoke inhalation, Principles of resuscitation, Procedures for artificial ventilation in children and babies, Procedures for Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for;

• Pulse present but not breathing

• No pulse and not breathing

Recognition and treatment of head injuries, Concussion, Skull fracture, Cerebral compression

Day Two

The control of bleeding and the treatment for shock, Type of wounds and bleeding, Preventing cross infection, General rules of bandaging and dressings, General rules of external bleeding, Indirect pressure, Embedded objects, Shock, Bones, joints and muscle injuries, Types of fracture and how they are caused, Dislocations, Soft tissue injuries, Burns

• How burns are caused

• Extent of burns

• Depth of burns

• Treatment of minor and major burns

• Burns to the airway

• Electrical burns


• What is a poison?

• How poison enters the body

Symptoms and treatment of

• Household poisons

• Drug poisoning

• Systemic poisons

• Corrosive poisons

• Poisonous plants and fungi

Treatment for

• Animal bites

• Insect bites and stings

• Human bites

• Snake bites

Childhood conditions

Symptoms and treatment of –

• Seizures

• Absence seizures

• Meningitis

• Diabetes

• Allergic reaction and Anaphylactic shock


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Teaching SchoolPaediatric First Aid – Two Days – CANCELLATION

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